Our mission is to provide the most natural and life supporting environment for the child, encouraging
independent, self directed learning in a community environment fostering the values of peace, respect for
others and pride in individual differences. We are a Montessori school the Aldie, Stone Ridge and South Riding
communities in Loudoun County.  Don't confuse us for another daycare or preschool. The Montessori
approach lays a strong foundation for your child to succeed in future education and daily life.

Individual attention is a key factor in quality education. Having a small class size promotes more individualized
attention for each child therefore our maximum class size is 12 children. Daycares and preschools are care
providers.  Montessori is about education and care.   Using the Montessori approach your child is constantly
learning while having fun. Montessori is your best choice to give your child a superior education.

Probably the biggest concern for parents is the way their children are corrected in their daycare or preschool
using timeouts or loud voices.  In the Montessori approach we work out differences by promoting peace in the
classroom using techniques such as yoga, peace flower, virtue language, etc.

Ms Juana's Montessori Home School bases its
curriculum on the philosophy and practices of Dr. Maria
Montessori. Dr. Montessori found that children have a unique capability of learning which she described as the
"absorbent mind".  Children in the first six years of life are able to learn like at no other time in their lives.  
They need space and time to explore, create and learn.  It is the role of the adult to prepare a suitable
environment for the young child, remove any obstacles that might hinder them, guide the children to the
materials and to allow them the space and time to follow their interests.  The Montessori Method allows for
independent and small group work, interaction between the children and for spontaneous and purposeful

Ms Juana's Montessori Home School holds Full Member status with the
American Montessori Society.
Ms Juana integrates the dual language throughout the
whole curriculum. Exposing your child to a bilingual
environment at an early age establishes the foundation
that facilitates the acquisition of a second language.

Providing Our Children a Natural and Life
Supporting Environment

Child performing Montessori lesson
Ms Juana's Montessori Home School, serving the Aldie, Stone Ridge and South Riding communities
We are located near the intersection of Gum Springs Road and Braddock Road in Virginia Manor.

Bilingual English-Spanish experience

Ms Juana's Montessori provides her services to the
Aldie, Stone Ridge and South Riding communities in
Loudoun County.
For the past 11 years Ms Juana has
been successfully serving the community. She brings a
unique style and energy to the classroom where the
children thrive.
Ms Juana's Montessori Home School
a bilingual early childhood (3-6 years old) education